What Is The Wealthy Tradie?

The Wealthy Tradie is a proven system to build your personal wealth, assets, and lifestyle, using your trades business.

Most tradies go into business with the hope of making a decent chunk of cash and more time to do the things they really want to do like family time, sport, and travel.

However many tradies business owners don’t quite get there and have a limited knowledge of how to build wealth over the long term. They spend most of their time working, stressed and unable to plan for the fun things they desired in the first place.

The combination of my two books will challenge you to clarify your personal goals and dreams and improve your business. Running your own business is supposed to give you assets, wealth, and time and not suck the life out of you leaving you just above broke.  If you're looking to build your personal wealth, massively improve your life and build a business that can provide for you and your family then these two books are for you.

wealthy tradie book one

A Personal Wealth System To Retire Rich, Retire Young And Have Fun Along The Way

Book 1 is designed to help you and your spouse arrive at your common goals and dreams that could include things like paying off your house or buying a workshop to run your business from or having a three month family caravan trip around Australia.

It gets you to delve deeply into what you really want out of life including tools that you can use to plan ahead, get clarity with your mission and give you the motivation to grow and improve your trades business.

wealthy tradie book 2

How To Make Your Business Rake In The Cash Without Working Like A Dog.

Book 2 focusses on building a great, rewarding business with proven strategies that have helped other trades businesses become successful. It teaches you where to focus your energies first, and what are the foundations of a great business. 

It then leads on to proven strategies to put a bomb under your trades business and give you the time and money you deserve.


The #1 Wealth Question Every Trade Owner Needs to Ask But Never Does

Chapter Two

Goal Setting 101 for Tradies - Real Attainable Goals - Following The Big Dreams

Starts on pg 93

How To Work Out & Understand Your Wealth Position - A Simple & Easy Way Without The Anxiety

Explained in Chapter 3

Making Budgeting Cool Again & How It Grows Unlimited Wealth Without Restricting You

Check It Out - It Starts On Pg 128

Boys Toys, Property, Overseas Trips, The Big Boat & Caravan...

All in Chapter Seven


Setting Your Business Up For Success - Building The Foundations.

Chapter One & Two

7 Strategies To Maximising Your Time As The Business Owner

Starts on pg 41

Understanding Your Finances Completely Without The Nagging Doubts & Insecurities

Explained in Chapter 5

Increasing Sales, Profitability & Smart Marketing (27 Tips)

You need this from page 132

Building Your Dream Team & Getting Them to Work To The Max!

Important Chapter - Chapter 12

G'day Hugh, I have received and read the free copy of your wealthy tradie book.

I think its spot on! Long enough to be detailed, but short enough to not loose people who don't enjoy a read. I have passed my copy on to a good friend of mine who is just starting his own business as a water proofer. Hopefully he may see the value and reach out for some advice/coaching along the way.


Branden Pearce
Foster Fyans Automotive

I run a busy, large scale plumbing business working with civil engineering companies. We make a great income and pay our staff well. I've never really paid the much attention to wealth building or what I might do should I sell my company. Hugh's book has highlighted many areas in which I should start paying attention to building wealth and investing now my company is profitable.

I've also started a bucket list of all the things I want to do. I've even rope in my partner to help. Its all very well existing and doing the day to day but I'm slowly realising that to create the EXACT life you want needs work and focus.


Chris Patten
DB Plumbing

red book
liam hugh

"Hi I'm Hugh Bowman, business coach for trades and technical businesses in regional Victoria.

I have a 11+ year track record of coaching business owners to grow their businesses on average 46% a year. Over the last five years I have worked exclusively with tradies on how to grow their businesses in a way that’s sustainable, profitable and cashflow positive.

I'm an enthusiastic investor and have been creating wealth since 1992 through shares, property and business."