Hugh Bowman Business Coach For The Trades

Hugh Bowman's mission extends beyond business coaching – it's about helping tradies realise their full potential, both professionally and personally. With his acclaimed book "The Wealthy Tradie, A Personal Wealth System To Retire Rich, Retire Young & Have Fun Along The Way" he offers a proven system for building personal wealth, assets, and a fulfilling lifestyle using the platform of your trades business.

Personal Wealth

In a world where many tradies venture into business with dreams of financial freedom and more time for family, sports, and travel, the reality often falls short. Hugh understands this struggle intimately. Many tradie business owners find themselves stuck in the grind, stressed, and unable to plan for the enjoyable aspects they envisioned.

Hugh's expertise, encapsulated in his book, comes to the rescue. "The Wealthy Tradie” system isn't just about making money; it's a blueprint for creating assets, wealth, and reclaiming your time. Many tradies might have remarkable skills in their trade, but they often lack knowledge about wealth creation. This is where Hugh's guidance steps in, showing you the way to balance your business growth with your personal aspirations.

Building Your Business

But the journey doesn't stop there. Hugh's passion and dedication led to a second book “ The Wealthy Tradie, How To Make Your Business Rake In The Cash Without Working Like A Dog.” that perfectly complements the first. This duo of books isn't just about business tactics; it's about your personal dreams and goals, intertwined with your business success. These books are a challenge to clarify your aspirations, improve your business acumen, and transform your life.

Hugh's vision is straightforward: running your own business should mean more than just scraping by – it should empower you with assets, wealth, and the precious gift of time. His books present a roadmap for tradie business owners to get you off the tools, building wealth to retire well, and have a great time doing it

So, if you're a tradie with dreams of building personal wealth, enhancing your life, and creating a business that supports both you and your family, Hugh Bowman's books are made for you. "The Wealthy Tradie” system will guide you through the process, inspiring you to achieve both professional success and personal contentment.

hugh bowman business coach and author

Beyond his business coaching and authoring books, Hugh enjoys an array of outdoor activities. He maintains his fitness through training for cycling and running events, relishing skiing, camping, fishing, and hunting with his five sons.

This well-rounded perspective underscores Hugh's genuine connection to the real world – a quality that distinctly enriches his business coaching approach and resonates profoundly with the trades business owners.