The Wealthy Tradie Membership

The Wealthy Tradie membership is designed for business owners and their spouse who truly want to learn The Wealthy Tradie system of how to Retire Rich, Retire Young, and have Fun Along the Way”.  

Our aim is to set up your very own personal wealth system that helps you set personal goals and realise what your business needs to deliver so that you achieve them.  

This program is unique in that if you follow the system, it is guaranteed to deliver your goals faster than you have ever done before.  If your dream is to pay off your house, own a workshop to operate your business from, or be able to fit in some great holidays with your family, then this program is for you!

The program is designed to have touch points every 3 months by alternating between the group events and 1 on 1 meetings, so as to increase your knowledge and keep you on track to achieving your goals. It will include discussions of wealth mindset, business valuations, shares, property, and setting of your life and wealth goals.

Find Out More About Joining The Wealthy Tradie Membership Program

Your Membership Includes:

  • Access to our online course to help you set up your very own Wealthy Tradie system..

  • Membership materials including folders, templates, and downloads.

  •  2 x group workshops per year for learning and updating your goals and plan. Typically run in Apr & Sept.

  • 2 x 90 minute individual meetings to discuss personal wealth strategy. Typically in Feb and August. Options for further assistance on a paid for need basis.

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